About Us

Hello I'm Mauricio

I’m the founder and CEO of Pleke. I have 24 years of experience designing and implementing computer systems.

After I turned 40 I started reflecting on my finances and I was shocked! My net worth was on the negative side. I had car payments, a house mortgage, friends and family debt alongside bank high-interest debt.

As a high paying tech worker, I always tried to solve my financial problems by increasing my income. Even though had successfully quadruplicated my starting career salary, lifestyle inflation always took care of increasing expenses to match.

Even though I religiously tracked my expenses and kept a budget spreadsheet, I was always overspending because all expenses were deemed necessary. I decided to understand my money habits and design a spreadsheet that would help me stick to a budget. I wanted to spend less, pay off all my debt and finally build up an emergency fund. You know, the first steps for mastering personal finances.

The new spreadsheet proved to be a major success! I tracked and reviewed my spending daily. I cut my spending to 80% of my earnings and began paying off debt. This made me want to build an app to use this money management system on my phone and release it to help others.

Mission and Values

Become a popular free tool to help people master their financial lives. Reach more users through translated material for their languages.

Main features will always be free and unlimited. Some advanced features and benefits will be available to premium subscribers. Advertisement and subscription revenue will be used to improve the app and help onboarding, translation, and marketing efforts.

You can find me on Twitter and you can send me an email anytime to mauricio@pleke.com