Build your
Financial Freedom

Pay off debt, build an emergency fund, plan large purchases

Create a budget and stick to it

Make every cent count and track your expenses

Avoid overdraft fees and plan your spending

Get rid of debt

save money for what really matters

Control your credit card bill

finances under control

Make smarter financial decisions with your Pleke budgeting toolbox

multiple accounts

Understand the balance of all your accounts at a glance: bank accounts, credit cards, savings, debt, and more!


Set a detailed budget, and move your funds between categories if you overspend.

recurring transactions

Schedule income, expenses, and direct debits.


Figure out the installments for your large purchases.


Create savings funds for all your priorities: emergency fund, new car, travel, and more! Track their balances and see how much you're saving.

automatic backup

Automatically sync data between multiple devices or restore backups.

Simple and Powerful

All the information you need to create a better financial future

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