Stop living paycheck to paycheck

Create and stick to a budget

Track your expenses to know where your money is going

Plan your spending to never pay overdraft fees or borrow money again

Get rid of debt and start saving to build an emergency fund


finances under control

manage your finances with you phone and make decisions anywhere and anytime

multiple accounts

Current and ending balance of all accounts like money, bank account, credit card, savings, debt and funds for future expenses


Setup a budget and follow available amount on each budget item, moving available amount between categories when you overspend on some category

recurring transactions

Configure recurring income and expense transactions and schedule auto-pay events


Configure purchases of large items with payments in installments


Have different funds like new car, travel and emergency fund on the same savings account and track the balance of each fund


Automatically sync data between multiple devices or restore data from a backup on the cloud in case your phone breaks or goes missing


These screenshots display actual and forecast of balances of accounts, setup of budget items, available amount per budget category, transactions, entering a new transaction, credit card statement and charts

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Available for Android and iPhone