Finances Under Control


Create a budget and view how much is left per category


Input your expenses easily with autocomplete fields

Credit Card

Control your credit card bill to pay it in full


Get rid of debt by spending less than you earn


Review current and projected balances of accounts to avoid overdraft fees watching


save money for what really matters

Adopt a Flexible Budget

Set a detailed budget, with fixed expenses like Rent, recurring expenses like Netflix and spending limits for categories like enterteinment or groceries. After entering an expense the app will show how much is left to spend on each category. If you overspend, move funds between categories to stay on budget.

Control All Accounts

View completed and scheduled transactions, current and projected balance of all accounts in one place - money, bank accounts, credit cards, savings.

Manage Credit Card Bills

Preview the amount of the next credit card will before it is closed. Reserve funds to pay it in full.

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